Methods & Tools

INCITE-DEM’s overall question is: How can we enhance inclusive participation and civic engagement, while expanding democratic innovation and dynamic feedback mechanisms between citizens and institutional actors in representative democracies?

To address this question, the methodology follows a four-step and multi-method process.

The overall inter- and transdisciplinary methodology is characterised by combining the strengths of qualitative and quantitative methods, enabling the triangulation of different approaches, while systematically dealing with any shortcomings, to collaboratively redefine the problems and integrate empirical and co-creation results. The methodology also follows a multilevel and multi-stakeholder process, integrating local, as well as national, and international level interrelated activities.

A thriving literature analyses interlinkages and interdependencies between inclusive and effective democratic processes and the pursuit of social and ecological objectives in a globalised world. INCITE-DEM’s ambition is to build on this state of the art, by advancing with empirically grounded concepts and developing new methods, tools and products that effectively highlight the relevance of inclusive participation and engagement for dealing with the challenges at the nexus of democracy and sustainability.

As part of the interdisciplinary collaboration, partners will jointly develop the case study research design, implement the same design of Democracy Labs, of the interactive fora and final dialogue sessions. These activities are also supported by computational data analysts who carry on the advanced analysis of the results of co-creation.

The interdisciplinarity will be further supported via a workshop on methods of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration at the beginning of the project, for comparing, confronting, and synthesising disciplinary language use, methods, and more broadly practices.

The inter- and transdisciplinary work is further supported by the creation of an equally inter- and transdisciplinary Advisory Board for INCITE-DEM. 

The project will offer a unique contribution by harnessing historical and social research, modelling, generative design, and advanced analytical methods for the purpose of expanding inclusive participation and engagement, thus fuelling democratic innovation, and shaping the future of democracy in a world in transformation.