Democracy Labs [DLabs]

DLabs are defined here as citizen- centred and multi-stakeholder co-creation spaces for democratic innovation, based on a Policy Lab approach. Co- creation is taken as a “form of distributed action that aims to bring multiple parties together to engage in productive transformation”. DLabs provide spaces for transformation, innovation and reflection, involving a constellation of actors (e.g., citizens, democratic innovation initiatives, investors and technology developers, policy actors and bureaucrats, and researchers and experts) in co-producing and reflecting on the planning, implementation and/or assessment of new ideas, solutions, products, or services for inclusive democratic innovations.

DLabs Hosting Countries

Please navigate to the country of your interest for more information.

DLabs Sessions

Participants will be invited to take part in four different sensitizing sessions, interactively supported by analytical tools to offer ongoing transparent and open summaries of the outputs of co-creation.

1. Prototyping

Participants are guided through a reflection on the boundaries what is desirable and acceptable, what is not for a sustainable and democratic future.

3. Generative Design

Participants will engage in both individual (in-workshop questionnaire) and group sensitising exercises to define their imaginaries for democratic innovation.

2. Dialogue Tool

Participants will deliberate on how different forms of engagement can complement each other at different stages and scales of the policymaking process.

4. Design Fiction

Design fiction products (representing the co-created imaginaries and solutions for inclusive democratic innovations) are shared with participants.