We are thrilled to announce the release of the first issue of the INCITE-DEM newsletter!

The newsletter will serve as a central hub for everything related to the INCITE-DEM project. Over the next two years, six issues will be published, detailing the challenges and successes of INCITE-DEM, as well as sharing information on democratic innovations and the efforts of our sister projects.

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As José Gil affirms in his latest book, “Death and Democracy”, it is imperative to abandon once and for all the “transcendence” of power, which leads to authoritarianism and prevents democracies from fulfilling their vocation of immanence, developed from a shared citizenship construction and life itself. INCITE-DEM will spend two more years looking at the role of citizens and how co-creation processes are critical to support representative democracy processes and improve the quality of political decisions.


Come along, we will share the insights we find along the way.


Inês Campos, project coordinator

The first issue features information about the first two Democracy Labs, our podcasts ‘Democratic Innovations’, and an in-depth look at our Dialogue Tool. We have added some events not to be missed and short news about contributions of related projects.

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