Democracy Academy 2023

This September, members of the Incite-Dem team took part in the Democracy Academy 2023, hosted by the Kreisau-Initiative, the Freya von Moltke-Stiftung, and the  International Alumni Center, which coordinates the Bosch Alumni Network. Under the motto “Reimagining the future of Democracy”, the 4-day seminar brought together senior professionals with interdisciplinary and intercultural backgrounds in science, art, governance, media, and civil society from Europe and beyond.

The participation of INCITE-DEMs team took the form of an open space workshop focused on discussing democratic  innovations, anchored on one key question: what makes democracy work? This quote that came up during the workshop, by our colleague Janez Potočnik, seems particularly poignant:

“It is clear how humanity can and urgently needs to handle climate change, but the social tipping point will hit before the ecological one – the boundaries of the human ecosystem will give in because of the
planetary changes. We need to address the societal challenges in parallel with the pressing environmental concerns. Only an inclusive and effective democratic and participatory governance system, where all people are included, can tackle this efficiently.”