50 years since the Carnation Revolution

April 13th at 6:00 p.m., Auditorium of the Municipal Library of Oeiras, Portugal

Our very own project coordinator Inês Campos will be participating in a discussion held by the portuguese citizen-led party Oeiras Mais. Together with a number of experts, the discussion will cover topics such as democratic innovations, the quality of democracy, and the challenges posed by sustainability priorities (e.g. climate change, and environmental changes), all topics near and dear to the heart of INCITE-DEM.

Additionally, they will also discuss how to realize the ‘4 Ds’: Democratize, Decolonize, Develop, and Decarbonize.



Carla Castelo, Independent Councilor elected by the Evoluir Oeiras Coalition

Inês Campos, Researcher at CE3c – Center for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes and Coordinator of the Inclusive Citizenship in a World in Transformation Project: Co-Designing for Democracy (INCITE-DEM)

Flávio Almada, Moinho da Juventude Cultural Association (Social projects, promotion of human rights and anti-racism)

Vanessa Lopes, Rizoma Association (Integration and empowerment of the Romani community in Portugal)

Hans Einckoff, Physician and activist (Cooperatives and Well-being Economy)

Marta Brazão, Lidera (Community of young people for the transition to a sustainable society, with a focus on climate action)

The event is organized within the ambit of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the end of the Portugese dictatorship.