The Incite-DEM Dialogue Tool is now live!

This platform mirrors how opinions and behaviors evolve within communities, emphasizing inclusivity for marginalized groups. Inspired by the Sinus Milieus framework, which categorizes society into distinct value-driven segments, our tool simplifies these segments into “change stance” and “vocal intensity,” offering nuanced insights into community dynamics.

Within this communal framework, individuals are presented with a binary choice: to support or oppose a plan, thereby aligning themselves as either supporters or opponents. Decision-making is influenced by a multitude of factors, including personal experiences, social interactions, and value systems. Conflicts often arise when individuals experience a discrepancy between these factors, leading to actions aimed at resolving cognitive dissonance.

At the core of our platform lies the simulation of social dynamics, where interactions are key. Through persuasion and influence, individuals explore the complexities of communal decision-making, resulting in the gradual evolution of opinions and behaviors over time. This tool not only aims to replicate this evolutionary process but also seeks to facilitate dialogue among community members, fostering civic inclusivity and enhancing engagement.
Join us as we delve into the dynamic interplay of opinions and behaviors within simulated communities.

How to use the Dialogue Tool: