Community of Practice

Incite-Dem will build on the wide participation of citizens and diverse stakeholder groups to spread its messages and contribute to a wide uptake of inclusive democratic innovations for socio-ecological transformation and wellbeing in Europe.

This task starts by mapping pre-existing CoP’s in Europe, with a focus on democratic innovations and inclusive political participation and civic engagement, to then contact these networks to present the project, and inviting them to participate with an observing capacity in our workshops and/or meetings, and thus to establish from early own interrelations in dissemination and exploitation strategies. 

This task will then develop a strategy for the development and expansion of the CoP and network for supporting a sustainable, inclusive, and innovative democracy in a world in transformation, in the context of the implementation of key EU policies. The effective use of the channels, targets, and events to support an active CoP will be ensured, as well as functioning supporting structures (i.e., social media, page on website, forums, etc.) that allow the CoP to further develop its activities and continue to grow beyond the project’s duration.