Provotypes are essentially provocative prototypes. Their purpose is to open space for creativity and imagination. INCITE-DEM will develop provotypes based on the results of the case study research.

Provotyping will be used as a tool for co-creative processes with citizens and other stakeholders in the context of the DLabs. These provotypes will present to participants visions of future forms of participation and engagement related to sustainability that are unrealistic and/or radically different from current practices. The intent is to spark creativity in a safe environment, stimulating critical thinking and participants’ questioning of existing norms and practices. In this effort, responsible guidance of the participants in a constructive and creative process is essential. The exercise translates findings from the narratives of participation and engagement processes (resulting from the case studies) into provotypes of participation and engagement models for sustainability for the future. These visions are then co-developed into imaginaries of democratic innovation in the DLabs.