Democracy Labs

The partners will jointly design the procedures for the DLabs, including the guidelines for facilitators, participants, and researchers, and guidelines for the recruitment of participants, including flyers, and social media adds, with attention to strict ethical procedures and protocols.


Participants to be recruited will include representatives of local, regional, or national democratic innovation initiatives, citizens, including those from more vulnerable communities, with attention to diversity in age, gender and ethnicity, representatives of digital service industries (involved in developing new tools for civic engagement) and relevant policy actors and administrative and technocratic bureaucrats. The DLabs are set up at the national, regional, or local levels in Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain. 


Session #1 involves participants in a discussion of different radical futures, using the ‘provotypes’. Then, based on the resulting principles, conditions and aspirations for the future, session #2 will involve participants in each country in proposing democratic innovations and solutions or services for their implementation (both digital and non-digital). In this context, the labs will experiment with the Dialogue Tool, thus gaining insight regarding the quality of the democratic solutions, concerning their potential for involving structurally disengaged segments of society in democratic dialogues. Finally, Session #3, involves participants in describing their imaginaries for democratic innovation, during a workshop event, first and then at the collective level.